Awakening into Perfect Peace

Reflections on Freedom from Suffering


by Ralph Huber on April 29, 2013


Dr. Huber believes that inner peace is achieved through the path of least resistance, which may also make it the simplest path to take.

Amanda Creighton, executive producer of the film, “Within Reach” says, “Ralph Huber is one of the great minds and hearts of our times. ‘Awakening Into Perfect Peace’ serves as a fertile ground for self-actualization.”

Open it and voila! inside is endless timeless wisdom – So much there, I love picking it up, reading something, feeling moved. Really, really wonderful.
Juli Somers, Director
Center for Inner Truth

fivestar4_72_35“This is a “Must Read” for anyone in these hard times!”
Nancy Perry
Amazon Reader

Ralph Huber’s professional background includes educator, corporate trainer and vice-president of a New York based management consulting firm that offered services to major communication and retail industries. He is currently a member of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico and serves as board president for the Unity Church in Santa Fe. Ralph has a Ph.D. from New York University’s Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. He has an affinity for Advaita, Zen and Christian Mysticism.

Huber is an engaging, inspirational speaker and a communication visionary.